What I Stand For

We need our state government to focus on jobs and economic development — such as by re-igniting plans for passenger rail from Boston to Concord, by strengthening consumer protections, and by ending the attempts to restrict access to birth control in NH.

That’s why I ran for Executive Council. Please sign-up here to stay in touch with our campaign.

To strengthen our economy, the Executive Council must:

  • Support “one-stop shopping” for licensing business creation expansion.
  • Reform and streamline state accountability and oversight standards.
  • Revive plans for studying passenger rail from Boston to Concord, NH.
  • Support appointees who pledge to strengthen education and prevent further deep cuts.
  • End the ideological efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Support fiscal responsibility and no income or sales tax.

I’m looking forward to working with Governor Hassan and with the four other Democratic and Republican Executive Councilors alike in pursuit of these goals.

Talk with you soon,