September 5, 2011

Making State Government Work for You

By Colin

We need to focus on supporting good jobs & a strong NH economy – that’s why I’m running for Executive Council. I’ll bring balance back to Concord, and stop the extreme social agenda currently being pushed in our state government which is threatening economic development and healthy, strong families and communities.

New Hampshire is an amazing place to raise a family or start a new business.

I believe our state government should be protecting and supporting what makes our state great, instead of the current crusade in Concord to cut off funding for birth control and preventive women’s health care at Planned Parenthood centers across the state and wasting taxpayer dollars over long ideological arguments.

That’s why I am running for Executive Council in 2012 (District 2): to bring balance back to Concord and support to creation of good jobs and strong communities.

Talk with you soon,